海外ドラマ・映画で英語を磨く -Gossip Girl S1E5 その@


1. Dがお父さんと会話をしている
D:Your remember her, uh, 30th birthday With the clown and his llama?
父:Yeah, that didn't Didn't go over well.
D:It tanked.

Two meanings:
1) Intoxicated, nearly always pertaining to alcohol.
2) When a film does poorly at the box office.

2. JとSが喋ってるところへEから電話が。
S : Oh, it's my brother.
J : Oh, i say hi.
S : Eric, hey, Jenny says hi.
E : Well, hi back.

Hi backってとこが特に!!!!!

3. SとBの会話
B : It's only the most important night of the fall.
S : Oh, the sleepover.
B : I prefer "soiree. "Sleepover" is so sophomore year.

soiree /swɑːréi/〈フランス語〉夜会

4. SとDがデートに出かけるときにSのお母さんが
Home by 1:00.
Bonus points for 12:45.




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2. 海外ドラマ・映画で英語を磨く -Gossip Girl S1E4 そのA

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海外ドラマ・映画で英語を磨く -Gossip Girl S1E4 そのA



1. 前回のところから) Chuckが高級時計を見つけ出し。
C : Found it. Piaget.
N : Can't you just call it a watch? If it costs more than 10 grand, it earns a proper name.
grand = one thousand dollars (more here)

1 million yen と同じかな。

2. Chuckが別の高級品(ベイブルースのホームランボール的なやつ)を引き出しにしまって鍵をかけつつ。
C : Better safe than sorry.
better safe than sorry = 転ばぬ先の杖;備えあれば憂いなし

3. ChuckがNateの友達を悪くいう。
Or he invited himself? That is his style.
Begging us to break free of our prisons while Stuffing his face with free food and draining our booze.
He's a deadbeat and a hypocrite.

break free of = 〜から抜け出す、〜から抜け出る
stuff one's face = 口いっぱい頬張る[詰め込む]
drain - 飲み干す、空ける
booze - 酒、ビール、アルコール飲料
deadbeat - 〔無計画に生きている〕のらくら者、怠け者, 〈米俗〉故意に債務を支払わない人、借金を踏み倒す人
hypocrite - 偽善者

boozeは最近 The Economistで見かけて知ってました。

4. カメラマンがBのことを言っている
Who chose this girl? She's so prim and stiff, like a bookcase. It's not editorial. She needs to let go, have fun, loosen up.
prim - 堅苦しい、上品ぶった
stiff - 堅苦しい
let go - 解放する、自由にする
loosen up - 緩める

5. まだまだ前回分がつづいてます。。ずいぶん少なかったなと思ったら、前回はそれほどちゃんとチェックできてなかったということか。。ってことで、Danが映画館のbox officeの列に並んでたら(Sと待ち合わせ)Sから電話が。
Hey, you almost here?


6. デートに行けないってSがDにいってる
It sounds really superficial, i know.

このあと順番がきたDanにBox Officeの人に How many?って聞かれて

7. パーティ会場の入り口でI'm not coming.っていうNにCが言う
C : Seriously, Carter Baizen sucks.
suck = to be really really crappy (more here)

8. NがCにいう
You really don't get me, do you?



9. やっとここから今日のところ。SがDにデートどたきゃんの埋め合わせの電話をしている。
i know it's a girlie offer, but chew on this- - I'll be there.
chew on = 〜をとくと[じっくり]考える、〜を熟考[沈思]する

10. DがSに答える
Can i bet on that? Because law of averages says i lose my shirt.
law of average = 大数の法則
lose one's shirt = (ギャンブルや投資で)無一物になる

11. SがDを説得する
Besides, she's gonna be so busy with the shoot That you won't even have to see her, And since it's so boring on the sidelines, You'll have my full attention.
on the sidelines = 傍観者で[として].

You'll have my full attention で説得できちゃうのが素敵💕💕かわいい✨

S : Okay, what if i buy you anything you want from craft service?
D : I thought craft service was free.
S : I'll see you in the morning at I'm hanging up before thou dost protest again. でそっこー電話を切る!💕💕💕かわいい!!!

In film, television or video production, craft service refers to the department which provides food service and beverages to the other departments or crafts. (see more

12. カメラマンがBのことをお母さんに相談する。
Man : I don't think this girl is what you're trying to say- Unapproachable, controlled, perfect.
母 : She is not unapproachable. She is poised. She's regal.
Man : But your girl is rigid like a twig.
unapproachable = 近づきにくい、近寄り難い
poised = 落ち着きのある
regal = 堂々とした、威厳がある、豪奢な
rigid = 柔軟性に欠ける、硬直した

13. お母さんがBに謝る
I - i cannot apologize enough.

14. ギャンブルしてるところで
All right, gents, ante up.
ante up = 〔嫌々ながら〕支払う,〔ゲーム・賭けなどの〕参加料を[として]払う

15. Sのセリフ。Dに言ってる。
my best friend doesn't believe me, And neither does the guy i like.

16. DがBのところへやってきて
believe it or not, i actually came here myself.

"believe it or not"←これスムーズに言えたらかっこいいなぁ。

17. Bは嫌いなDに言う
Normally, wouldn't be this close to you Without a tetanus shot.
tetanus shot = 破傷風の予防注射

18. Nの口座の残高がゼロになってて問い合わせしたら。
That account was drained weeks ago.
drain 今日2回目です。

19. DとSのラブラブな💕会話
S : Hey, how about you ask me out again?
D : How about you actually show up? Okay.
S : No drama, no disruptions. I promise.
D : You promise? Oh, no! That means it's never gonna happen now.
S : Aah! Okay, quick. I take it back. I unpromise.

20. GG
No, that's not a tear in my eye. It's just allergies.
Without you, i'm nothing. Gossip girl.


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1. 海外ドラマ・映画で英語を磨く -Gossip Girl S1E4 その@
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海外ドラマ・映画で英語を磨く -Gossip Girl S1E4 その@

→ エピソード3までの記事はこちら

今日からエピソード4 [ Bad News Blair ] です。

1. Chuckが部屋でパーティしてるところへ1人入ってきた。Nateとの会話
C : Who brought the sasquatch? Isn't that Carter Baizen?
N : I haven't seen him Since he was a senior and we were in the eighth grade.
He looks intense.

sasquatch = サスカッチ、サスクワッチ ; 大きな足跡を残すとされる、未確認の毛深い怪物。主にカナダでSasquatch、アメリカでBig Footが使われる。

Carter Baizen is a recurring character on the Gossip Girl television adaption.

an intense look = 情熱的な顔つき

2. NateがBaizenに話してる
N : The last time i saw your sister, She said your family had locked you out And you'd fallen off the face of the earth.
B : I didn't. I just fell off the face of theirs.

disappear/vanish off the face of the earth (British, American & Australian) also fall off the face of the earth (American)
to disappear completely

3. そこへChuckが邪魔をする
Snuck us into our first club, and you're gonna tell me The life of youtube filmmaker is better than this? You invented the lost weekend.

sneak into = 潜り込む
 → Sneaked or Snuck: Which Is Correct?

4. Blairのお母さんとアシスタントの人が喋ってる
You're looking at the high fashion book When you should be looking for a new face- You know, someone who looks good in your clothes.
- Someone in this book, like i told you.
- I hate the american apparel effect.
But they're closer to what you need.
They're-they're now, they're hip.

hip = Cooler than cool, the pinnacle of what is "it". Beyond all trends and conventional coolness.

5. Serenaを誘うのにDanが電話してきた
S : You have my full attention, i promise.
D : Good, 'cause i was calling To ask you to not talk with me at a movie tonight.
S : Tonight? Where? What time?
D : The sunshine, 7:00.
S : I'd love to.

電話に出た時Bが邪魔したので、I promise.とかになってる。

そして、7時って言われて「うん、わかった!」っていう返事が I'd love to.っていう。


6. Serenaと映画に行けなかったDanが帰宅後お父さんと話す
R : How was the movie?
D : Uh, missable Literally.

7. Danが嫌いなBlairについて語る
Who is basically everything i hate about the upper east side Distilled into one 95-pound, doe-eyed, bon mot tossing, Label-whoring package of girlie evil.

distilled = 蒸留された
doe-eyed = 大きな優しい眼をした、くりくりした愛らしい眼をした
bon mot = 名文句、うまい言葉、(軽妙な)しゃれ
mot = 女、あばずれ
tossing = 〈俗〉〔怒り・いら立ちの強調〕ひどい、いまいましい
label whore = A label whore is someone who only wears brand name clothes, with the name of the brand usually placed somewhere for all to see. A walking advertisement for a clothing store or brand.

bon mot tossing がイマイチわかんないなー




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海外ドラマ・映画で英語を磨く -Gossip Girl S1E3 そのB


- 海外ドラマ・映画で英語を磨く -Gossip Girl S1E3
- 海外ドラマ・映画で英語を磨く -Gossip Girl S1E3 そのA


1. BがSに嫌味を言うところ
B : Oh, too bad you missed the assembly.
 Not that it matters.
 Brown doesn't offer degrees in slut.

GG: spotted-- s.
Not so fashionably late and dressed down by B

dress down = to reprimand

2. Ivy week party でアイビーリーグのDartmouth Collegeに行きたくない!とお父さんに言うNate
I don't wanna go to dartmouth.
There, i said it.
Now back off.

Back Off! 引っ込んでろ!口出しするな!

3. Gossip Girlが
S. and B.'s last stand, and only one gets out alive. better take cover.
last stand - 最後の抵抗
take cover = to make for a place of safety or shelter 隠れる, 身を守る

4. BがステージにSを呼ぶところ
Can i please have Serena Van Der Woodsen Join me onstage?

5. SがBに「気がすんだ?」っていうところ
Blair, what the hell was that?
So we good now? Are we square?

6. DがSに言うところ
It--It's okay.
Really, no one will ever hear it from me, But if you ever need anybody to talk to, Or not talk to, I'd be happy to do either.

Dan 優しーーー💕💕!!

7. そして、その優しいセリフをうけて、Sが
I'll keep that in mind.
Maybe, you know, i can take you up On that getting together and not talking thing sometime? Will you call me?

8. EricがBにほんとのことを打ち明けた。
B : Eric, i I didn't..
E : See that coming? Yeah.
Oh, it must be a shock For someone who thinks she knows everything.


9. お父さんとDのほのぼの会話
R : What do you think of me applying? What? Yeah, and jenny's smart.
We'll get her early admission. Maybe we'll all go.

D ; So not remotely funny.
not remotely funny 全然笑えない

10. なんかいつもChuckの部屋で寝てるNate。部屋出るときに「じゃ、あとで」
All right, I'll see ya.


Saturday mornings are spent at bliss, and after last night, I think she could use some extra time on the massage table.
could use 〜を必要としている
これは、ここでYou kids could use some fun.っていうのがありました。

12. BとSがセントラルパーク。雨の中。
spotted in central park-- two white flags waving. could an upper east side peace accord be far off? so what will it be-- truce or consequences? we all know one nation can't have two queens.
what happens next? only time will tell.

white flag - 白旗 《降服・休戦のしるし》
peace accord - 和平合意, 和平協定
far off - ずっと遠くに、はるかかなたに、遠い所に

この consequences を日本語に訳すとどうなんだろ。「結果」とかじゃなく「終結」「結論」?
= the conclusion reached by a line of reasoning; inference.

we all know one nation can't have two queens







それでも大好きなGossip Girl続いてるので



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海外ドラマ・映画で英語を磨く -Gossip Girl S1E3 そのA


1. ちょっと先にこれは前回の範囲で、Nateのお父さんがセントラルパークでジョギングの後でNateに言う
Nail that interview today.

2. ブレアがわざと転んだのを冷やしながら取り巻きたち
I can't believe Serena did this.
Yeah, such a cheap shot.

cheap shot 《スポーツ》卑劣なプレー 〔人の弱みに付け込んだ〕卑劣な言動

3. ChuckがBlairに電話をかける(Bから電話をしてたみたい)
(それに応えて) Hello to you, too.

4. たくらむ2人
B: Serena came home for a reason.
C: One can only guess.
B: I’m done guessing. I want answers. And no one likes to be on the ground floor of a scandal like Chuck Bass.
C: I am a bitch when I want to be.
B: Opportunity to cause some trouble, uncover a secret.
C: Take "yes" for an answer.

I left something important behind

6. JennyがDanに料理自慢を従っているお父さんについて
J: He's about to hype dinner.

hype [v.] publicize in an exaggerated and often misleading manner

7. 不機嫌に学校から帰宅したDanがお父さんに謝るところ
Sorry about the melodramatic entrance.

8. usher position を取れなかったDanとお父さんの会話
D: I didn't get it.
父: Ant that I do not get.

I'm sorry.
I know how much you and mom sacrificed.
The whole reason you send us to a school like this
is so we can go to a college of our choice.
What if that's all for nothing?

9. 1人にしてっていうセリフ
Dad, can i just, um, stew alone for awhile?

leave somebody to stew
= if you leave someone to stew, you leave them to worry about something bad that has happened or something stupid they have done

10. Jがお父さんに
We're humphreys, dad.
Not exactly royalty uptown.

uptown 住宅地区に[で] =主として都心部から離れた所をいう

11. The Ostroff Centerに入るSを見たCが
This is way too good.
(早速電話して)You're not going to believe Where i found our little princess.

The Ostroff Center is a rehab clinic.

12. 証拠写真を見せるCにBが
If you weren't such a perv, I'm sure the C.I.A. would hire you in a second.

perv 変態(pervert"の短縮形)
= one perceived by the speaker as being sexually obsessed or promiscuous (rarely a true pervert)

B: It's a facility for the disturbed or addicted.
 You must have your own wing.

C: You don't get nearly enough credit for your wit.

wit = The ability to think quickly. Often associated with humor.
get credit for 〜で褒められる

14. Ericが発言してもいいよ、とカウンセラーに言われて
Oh, you mean i have a say in this? Wow.

15. Dがお父さんに
Kind of a staid affair for early '90s postpunk math rock, Don't you think?

staid 落ち着いた,まじめな

16. DがBに言う(パーティで)
I switched.
I'm trying to get into princeton.
Oh, don't your la perlas in a bunch.

La Perla
– Chuck mentions this luxury lingerie brand when he says to Blair, “ Don’t get your La Perla’s in a bunch.”

17. DがSに
since you don't have To actually worry about getting into college, Why not make the entire evening about screwing over blair? No, thanks.

screw over 騙す、嫌な目にあわせる= Deliberately putting someone an unfavorable situation that he/she would not like.




今はGossip Girl見てるし、ストーリーが好きだし。

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海外ドラマ・映画で英語を磨く -Gossip Girl S1E3

前回「海外ドラマ・映画で英語を磨く -Gossip Girl S1E2 そのB」は 12/11 だったんだ!

Ivy Week の話です。

Gossip Girl は速いし"英語"っていう英語な感じ。

Gossip Girl の登場人物が喋ってる英語を

1. Gossip Girlが
But now that Serena is back, will the upper east side ever be the same?
It takes two to tangle, and girls like these don't go down without a fight.

tangle = 言い争う、もめる

2. Gossip Girlが
There’s plenty of upside to being the spawn of the fabulously wealthy. But the downside? Super successful parents expect nothing less from their offspring. And when it comes to college, that means the Ivys.


3. Assembly で先生みたいな人が説明をしている
They are almost through with ivy week.
As is our long standing tradition, the Constance Billard girls will be in charge of Friday night's mixer and the St.Jude's boys will provide the ushers for the visiting representatives.

mixer = A party where a fraternity and a sororty get together to drink and socialize. Often held at the fraternity or at their annex.

St. Jude's School for Boys is an elite private school located on the Upper East Side of Manhattan. It's run by Mr. Prescott and is the brother school of Constance Billard School for Girls. (See Gossip Girl Wiki)

4. Danの家族の会話 Danの顔が傷だらけ←ひげそり後
D: Looks like I shaved with a wood chipper.
J: I was going with more of a chainsaw.
D: Not helping.
J: Not trying to.
お父さん: Hey, look on the bright side: you’re not a hemophiliac. Otherwise you’d be in the emergency room.

wood chipper = A device that is very useful for disposing of bodies quickly (画像検索
hemophiliac = 血友病患者

5. お父さんがDanに
College is about academic excellence, not your stock portfolio.
Besides, you're gonna do great in your interview.
You take after your dad that way.
Spotlight doesn't phase us.

phase = something that has no effect on you whats' so ever. It doesn't matter, Its not an issue.

6. ChuckがNateにAssembly中に話しかけてる
C: Nathaniel, a little wake and bake?
N: We have our interviews today.
C: My point exactly. I have my 1-Hitter.

wake and bake = The act of smoking pot early in the morning, usually right after waking-up.
hitter = (n.) Slang term for a professional killer or assassin.

7. Nateとお父さんがいつもの公園でJog
お父さん: Try not to cut me off next time. You almost knocked me over the side of the bench.
N: I didn't cut you off. I didn't mean to.
お父さん: You win fair and square, and nothing could make me prouder till you get in the old alma mater, that is.

cut off = 遮る
fair and square = 公明正大な, 正しい
alma mater = 欧米で出身校 (高等教育機関) を指す語 ( See Wiki )

8. Serenaとお母さん。
お母さん: Hurry up. You're gonna be late.
S: I am! And i know.

この、応答。I am! とかすぐに使いたい。
It is! とか。


9. Gossip Girlが
Spotted, S. Not so fashionably late and dressed down by B. Game on, ladies.

10. 体育の授業で、いろいろ仕掛けてくるBlairにSerenaが言う。
Look, i made a mistake with Nate, okay? But then you sabotaged me with Dan.

sabotage = Sabotage is a deliberate action aimed at weakening an enemy through subversion, obstruction, disruption, and/or destruction.

11. SerenaがDanと会話してる。別れたけど仲良い感じ💕。
S: Oo! Angry guy, huh?
D: Short fuse. I’m trying to work on that.
S: Well let me know how that goes for you.
D: Yeah, I’ll keep you posted.
S: It’s a tough week.
D: Not for me, apparently.
S: Oh, you got an usher position?
D: No I didn’t. In an ironic though not totally unexpected twist, Nate got the one I wanted.

short fuse = 短気;かんしゃく
unexpected twist = 逆手, どんでん返し

12. SerenaとDanの会話つづき。
S: I'm sorry.
D: Yeah, well, i guess that's life when you're not a legacy.
S: Well, hey, just 'cause you're not an usher doesn't mean you're not gonna get into an ivy.
D: Yeah? Wh--Uh, where'd your parents go to school?
S: Harvard and brown.
D: That's--That's all i'm saying.



It's enough, if I say it's enough.

Oo! Angry guy, huh?

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Love Actually - ラブ・アクチュアリーの 気になる英語表現 2



女性Sは、オフィスで片思い中の人(K)がいるんだけど弟がよく電話かけてきて精神的にたぶんちょっと病的でその弟と電話でよく fire away って言ってました。
S : Babe. Absolutely, fire away. Mia, could you turn that down? What is that?

S : Night, Karl. Yup, absolutely. Free as a bird. Fire away.

S : l-I'd better answer that. Hello. Hi. Hello, darling.No, no, I'm not busy. No, fire away.
Right. Yes, I... I'm not quite sure it's gonna be possible to get the Pope on the phone tonight but...

fire away = どうぞ話してください( Go ahead. →これは別にイギリスに限ってないみたい

2.  首相がお手伝いさんの女の子に質問してます
ナタリー: No, I've just split up with my boyfriend, so I'm back with my mum and dad for a while.
(首相): Oh. I’m sorry.
ナタリー: No, it's fine. I'm well shot of him. He said I was getting fat.

shot of him = Informal British phrase that means "to get (or be) rid of".

(首相): Right...You know, being Prime Minister, I could just have him murdered.
ナタリー: Thank you, sir. I'll think about it.
(首相): Do - the SAS are absolutely charming - ruthless, trained killers are just a phone call away.

(首相): Oh, God. Did you have this kind of problem? Yeah, course you did, you saucy minx.

SAS or Special Air Service = One of the British Army's elite special ops and counter-terrorist unit.

saucy minx = a woman who is bold and flirtatious concurrently.

4.  少年が学校の女の子の話をお父さん(stepfatherって言ってた気が)に話してます。個人的にはこの2人の会話とか少年のピュアな感じが映画を通して cute すぎてめちゃくちゃ好き💕。
(父): And what does she/he, feel about you?
(少年): SHE doesn't even know my name. And even if she did, she'd despise me. She's the coolest girl in school and everyone worships her because she's heaven.

despise = to dislike and have no respect for somebody/something
worship = to love and admire somebody very much, especially so much that you cannot see their faults

5.  BILLYはベテラン歌手
インタビュワー: Hi there and welcome back.
So, Billy three weeks till Christmas, and it looks like the real competition is gonna be Blue.

BILLY:Yes, I saw them on the show last week. They weren't very nice about my record.
他の人: No. Little scamps.

scamp = A mischievous, cheeky pest (in an endearing way). A mischief-maker. [informal]
* mischievous:いたずら好きな、ちゃめっ気のある

新郎の親友: Hi. How was the honeymoon?
親友の新婦: It was great. Thanks for the gorgeous sendoff.
send-off = an occasion when people come together to say goodbye to somebody who is leaving

親友の新婦: It's only a tiny favour. I've just tried the wedding video and it's a disaster.
'It's come out all blue and wibbly.'

= Strange or unusual
A mix between Wobbly and Wiggly, yet still an unknown state of matter. A mysterious word all on its own; Wibbly is not an adjective to be messed with.

wibbly の word origin : late 19th cent. Independent usage of the first element of the reduplication wibble-wobble.

8.  米国大統領と首相の会話。
(首相): Well, now, that was an interesting day.
米)大統領: Sorry if our line was firm but there's no point in tiptoeing around today, then just disappointing you for four years. I have plans and I plan to see them through.

tiptoe around =to avoid dealing directly with a problem

首相お気に入りのお手伝いさん(ナタリー)が米国大統領と。。。pathetic がよく出てきます
(首相): Hi. Pathetic.
米)大統領: It's great Scotch.
ナタリー: I'II, erm... I'll be going, then.

pathetic = a dirty old man checking out girls in his personal fitness class but saying hes only looking at their belts

(首相): Come through. I'm sorry your wife couldn't make it by the way.
米)大統領: So is she. Although she would have been kind of Ionely, I’m sure…
(首相): Yes. Pathetic, isn't it? Just never been able to tie a girl down.

tie down = to limit someone's freedom : 束縛する

(首相): I love that word "relationship". Covers all manner of sins, doesn't it?I fear that this has become a bad relationship. A relationship based on the President taking what he wants and casually ignoring all those things that really matter to, erm...Britain. We may be a small country but we're a great one, too.The country of Shakespeare, Churchill, the Beatles,Sean Connery, Harry Potter. David Beckham's right foot, David Beckham's left foot, come to that.

come to that = In fact; for that matter; what's more. : そのことになると, そう言えば

(英国人物書き?): Just leave them, please! They're not important.They're not worth it! Stop! Stop! It's all just rubbish. Just leave it.
(英国人物書き?): Oh, God, she's in….And now she'll think I'm a total spaz if I don't go in too.

spaz = From spastic, the disability.
Means a person that acts insane or mentally retarded

13.  この2人のこの会話が so sweet で好きです✨。
(英国人物書き?): Sure. It's my favourite time of day...driving you.
(ポルトガル人女性): It's the saddest part of my day, leaving you.

14.  ずっと新郎の親友がそっけなくて仲良くしたいのに嫌われてる、、どうしよう、、とか思ってたらほんとは自分のこと好きだったのか、と気づくシーン。
親友の新婦: Oh. Oh, bingo. That's lovely. Well done, you.
親友の新婦: Oh, that's gorgeous. Thank you so much, Mark, this is exactly what I was hoping for. I look quite pretty. You've stayed rather close. They're all of me.

15.  ちょっと気まずくなったので説明をしてみる。
新郎の親友: I hope it's useful. Don't show it around too much. Needs a bit of editing. Look, I've got to get to a... lunch. Early lunch. You can just show yourself out, can't you? It's a... self-preservation thing, you see.

(首相): Don't ask me why, and don't read stuff into this,it's just a weird personality thing. But, erm, you know Natalie who works here?
事務の人: The chubby girl?
(首相): Ooh, would we call her chubby?

chubby = slightly fat in a way that people usually find attractive

(首相): Yeah. Well, whatever, erm...I'm sure she's a lovely girl but I wonder if you could, erm...redistribute her?
事務の人: It's done.

他の人に替えて、に redistribute を使うんだなー。

18.  ここからしばらく可愛い会話がつづきます
(父): Hey, Sammo. Can't sleep?
(少年): I got some terrible news today.
(父): Let's have it.

(少年): Joanna's going back to America.
(父): Your girl's American?
(少年): Yes, she's American. And she's not my girl.

(少年): Yes, she's American. And she's not my girl. And she's going back to America. That's the end of my life as I know it.
(父): That is bad news.Well, we need Kate and we need Leo, and we need them now. Come on.

Kate と Leo って(笑!!!

タイタニック)LEO: Do you trust me?
タイタニック)KATE: trust you.
(父): Do you trust me?
(少年): I trust you.
(父): Fool! Get off, you big bully.

22.  ここの会話もいい!
(父): AII right, open your eyes.'
Though you know, Sammy, I'm sure she's unique and extraordinary but general wisdom is that in the end,there isn't just one person for each of us.

(少年): There was for Kate and Leo.There was for you.And there is for me. She's the one.
(父): Fair enough. And her name's Joanna?
(少年): Yeah, I know. Same as Mum.

fair enough = 君の言う通りだ、同意するよ

(少年): Daniel!I have a plan.
(父): Thank the Lord. Tell me.

Thank the Lord! = ((話)) 有り難い,やれやれ

(父): That's right. Meat Loaf definitely got laid at least once. For God's sake, Ringo Starr married a Bond girl.
(少年): Whatever. There's this big concert at the end of term and Joanna's in it. I thought if I was in the band and played superbly, she might fall in love with me. What do you think?
(父): I think it's brilliant, I think it's stellar.

25.  挿入歌の歌詞
"I can't even try
"Baby, I'm too lost in you
"Caught in you
"Lost in everything about you
"So deep I can't sleep, I can't..."

S : OK, that's done. m...Why don't you come upstairs in about ten seconds?
K : Ten seconds.
S : Ten seconds.

- Just tug it. - OK.

tug = to pull something hard, often several times

27.  会社の上司にプレゼントをねだる美人
(夫): So, erm, what do you need? Something along the stationery line? Are you short of staplers?
(会社の女の子): No. I don't want something I need. I want something I want. Something pretty.

want と need の違い。

28.  プレゼントをねだられた上司は妻と買い物へ来ました。
(妻): Right, listen, you keep yourself occupied for ten minutes while I do the boring stuff for our mothers.

つまらない買い物をしてるから、keep yourself occupied しててね。ってこの言い方。

29.  奥さんの見てない間に会社の美人にプレゼントを買おうと企む夫。
(夫): Yes. That necklace there, how much is it?
(店員): It's Ł270.
(夫): Erm, all right. Er, I'll have it.
(店員): Lovely.

この Lovely っていう応答がなんども出てきます。

(店員): Would you like it... giftwrapped?
(夫): Yes, all right.
(店員): Lovely.

(店員): Let me just pop it in the box.There.

pop = (informal, especially British English) to put something/somebody somewhere quickly, suddenly or for a short time

32.  ここから quite が頻繁に使われます。
(夫): Look, could we be quite quick?

(夫): That's great.
(店員): Not quite finished.

(店員): Oh, this isn't a bag, sir.
(夫): Really?
(店員): This is so much more than a bag.

(夫): Ooh! Could we be quite quick, please?
(店員): Prontissimo.

36.  米国へ来たモテない若者が女性たちと遭遇。宿泊先決まってないならあたしたちのところへ来たら?と誘われた!
モテない若者: Yeah. - Yeah. Well, if it's not too much of an inconvenience.
女性1: Hell no! But there's one problem.
モテない若者: What?
女性2: Well, we're not the richest of girls, you know. So we just have a little bed and no couch. So you'd have to share with all three of us.

(夫): I have bought the traditional scarf as well but this is my other, slightly special, personal one.
(妻): Thank you. That's a real first.
こどもたち: Rip it! - What is it?
(妻): I'm going to…All right, I'll rip it.God, that's a surprise.

rip = to tear something or to become torn, often suddenly or violently

(父): Has she noticed you yet?
(少年): No. But the thing about romance is people only get together right at the very end.
(父): Of course.
(少年): By the way, I feel bad. I never ask you how your love life is going.

(父): No. As you know, that was a done deal long ago. Unless Claudia Schiffer calls, in which case I want you out of here straight away, you wee motherless mongrel. We'll want to have sex in every room, including yours.

(首相): Jack, yeah, I need a car. Right now. Thank you. Oh, don't wait up.



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