海外ドラマ・映画で英語を磨く -Gossip Girl S1E15

今回は、114 - Desperately Seeking Serenaからです!

spoiler alert!

1. SとEの会話(EはCに懐いている)
How do you like a brother who uses you as a drug mule?
drug mule = A person who transports illegal drugs by swallowing them or concealing them in a body cavity.

2. CがSにGについて言う
Georgie always brought out the devil in you.
= The person wants to do naughty things -- bring the wild side out of the person

3. SATテストに向けて校内が騒がしい。Bのセリフ。取り巻きたちを誘う
If you're gonna sweat the test, it better not clog your pores.
pores 毛穴
clog 詰まらせる

4. 金の力で取り巻きたちをJから取り戻すB
B: This evening at my penthouse, you'll find personal tutors, hot stone massages, mani-pedis and an amazing acupuncturist who specializes in mental acuity.
J: Guess that beats my dad's lasagna.
I'll flickr over some photos for you.
Oh, it's upperclassmen only.

mani-pedis = A beauty treatment comprising both a manicure and a pedicure.
flickr 動詞で使われている 前置詞は over
upperclassman 上級生

5. 家族の色々で忙しかったSがDに謝る
Hey,I'm so sorry.
I've been completely off the radar the past few days.

off the radar = 連絡が取れない、音信不通

6. VがNに言う。
I ace every test I take, so we don't need your hand-me-downs.
ace [v.] = Get an A or its equivalent in (a test or exam)
hand-me-down = お下がり(服); 古着

7. Nの助けが気に入らないVにDが
Hey, every little bit helps.
every little bit helpsの意味や使い方 訳語 どんなささいなことでもみな役に立つ

8. SがCに状況を説明しているけどCに伝わらない。
Care to paint a picture?
paint a picture of = Describe (someone or something) in a particular way.

9. GがSに電話で
I don't mean to sound corny, but it's a real inspiration to me.

corny = Trite, banal, or mawkishly sentimental.
 → cornyの意味とは? このスラングはトウモロコシと何か関係があるのでしょうか?

10. VとNの会話(カフェでお茶した後で)
V: God, this does feel like that doorstep moment.
N: And what moment would that be?

doorstep moment

11. GがSにDについて根掘り葉掘り聞いている
His last name and his zip code? Scintillating details.

 scintillating = Sparkling or shining brightly.

次は、115 - All About My Brotherから

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海外ドラマ・映画で英語を磨く -Gossip Girl S1E14 その2

前回113 - The Blair Bitch Projectの続き

Netflixで時々見てる、23号室の小悪魔に出てくる June がゴシップガールにも出てました!!!

spoiler alert!

1. Jのお父さんRとBの会話
R: I didn't really believe her.
B: Why?
R: Thought she was just conflicted out choosing friends over family.

conflicted《主に米》 精神的葛藤をかかえた.

2. BがJについてRに言う
She's been running herself ragged, Mr Humphrey. Straddling two worlds?
run oneself ragged trying to 〜しようとしてくたくたに疲れる

3. SとDの楽しそうな会話で
Two women, a sponge bath and a bedpan.
sponge bath =(入浴の代わりに)スポンジ[タオル]で体をふくこと
bedpan = (病人用)便器,おまる
sponge /spˈʌndʒ/

4. Rが娘のJに
They told you the original party had fallen through
fall through = 失敗に終わる, だめになる

5. SがNに言う
You are, too, you know, a good guy, a forgiving guy who can't pit himself against Blair forever
pit oneself against = 〜と競い合う、〜に立ち向かう

6. 妙に飾られた家に帰ってきたDと、R
D: Hey, who turned 12?
R: Please don't rub it in

rub it in = 〔事実・不愉快なことなどを〕わざと繰り返して言う

7. DとJ
D: You wanna tell me why you needed to borrow $8,000?
J: Not really.

8. Jのセリフ
I just got in way over my head.
get in over (one's) head = To become too deeply involved in or with a difficult situation, beyond the point of being able to control or cope with things any longer.

9. Cが嫌がらせするのでSが怒ってる
If we're gonna exist under the same roof, I am laying down some house rules.
lay down = 規定する、定める

10. Bのところへ取り巻きたちが帰ってきたGGのセリフ
Any good general knows you never let your soldiers see you sweat. Looks like this battle's ending at Butter, and the win belongs to B. Victory is sweet.

11. Jを連れ出したいDにダメと言ってるR
Since you don't make decisions around here, she'll just have to take that with a grain of salt.
with a grain of salt = 〔話を聞くときに〕割り引いて, 半信半疑で聞く, 疑ってかかる

12. Cが嫌がらせしてたんじゃないってわかって謝罪に訪れたSにCが
Why don't I make you a drink?

次は、114 - Desperately Seeking Serenaから!

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海外ドラマ・映画で英語を磨く -Gossip Girl S1E14 その1

今日は、113 - The Blair Bitch Projectから。

spoiler alert!

1. Dとしゃべるお父さんのセリフ
I can't seem to nail Jenny down on what she wants to do for her actual birthday
nail sb down = to make someone give you exact details or a firm decision about something:
 例)They nailed him down to a specific time and place.

2. 学校へいくBとしゃべるS
God I have plans with Dan tonight.
Finally, the return of some normalcy!

3. 学校へ行きたくないBが、What are you doing ?って聞かれて、返事
Giving homeschooling some serious consideration.

4. Bの取り巻きと仲良くしてるJに警告するN
They've been friends with blair forever, and look what they're doing to her.
You fall out of line, what do you think's gonna happen to you?

fall out of line 列を離れる

5. なぐさめるSにBが元気を出す。METの階段で
These are my steps, and I'm not gogg to relinquish them without a fight

6. JについてBがいう
Does little J actually think at she's anything but their lackey?

lackey 子分
--- つい最近、語彙本の例文暗唱でやったばかりです!出てきて嬉しい✨✨✨

7. Nを好きなPについて説明する
Penelope's only had a historic crush on him since the 20th century.

Since you and Nate are so tight, maybe you can broker that.
broker = 仲介[仲立ち・調停]する

8. Jが元取り巻きたちに誕生日を祝ってもらうことについてBが驚きを隠せない
So Jenny Humphrey is officially being inscribed on the A-list.

inscribe = 刻み込む

9. 招待されたけど断ったよ、というS
They invited me, but I said No out of deference to you.
deference = 尊敬、敬意

How do you manage to get out of everything unscathed?
unscathed 英検1級単語です。

10. 普通にしていれば元に戻るから、というS
You're the queen B., so just let nature take its course.
let nature take its course 自然の成り行きに任せる

11. Jが近づいてきたので、SがBに
She's giving you the perfect opportunity for niceness.

12. CがSを夕食に呼びに来た。
C: I was coming call you to dinner.
D: Okay, I'll take off then.

13. Jにだまされて、レストランで一人で待ちぼうけをくらったBが店員と話す
The drink's on us, unless you want something else?
B: Yes.
Another bellini, the seared squab, and a bus person to sepeparate the tables, please.

In North America, a busboy, busgirl, busser or bus person is a person who works in the restaurant and catering industry clearing tables, taking dirty dishes to the dishwasher, setting tables, and otherwise assisting the waiting staff.(wiki)


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海外ドラマ・映画で英語を磨く -Gossip Girl S1E13

今日は、112 - The Thin Line Between Chuck and Nateからです!

spoiler alert!

1. Sが妊娠検査薬を買ってるのがGGへ投稿され、Dはお父さんとその投稿を見てしまう
Please say something.
A - anything would be better than this "I am so disappointed in you" silence.

First things first.


2. 次にMetの階段で座ってるB軍団とJ。
B: Would you do me a favor?
J: Anything.
B: Move down a couple steps.
J: You know, this whole hazing thing is getting a bit old, don't you think, B.
B:First of all, the hazing stops when I say it stops. And for future reference, only my friends call me "B".


4. で、BとSの会話
S: Did you get my text?
B: Of course. Yes, I did, but I've been-
S: so then you know I told dan I'm not pregnant.
B: Yes, and I am so happy for you. Close call, huh?

close call 危機一髪

5. 生理の遅れてるBを心配してSがBの部屋へ
B: What are you doing here?
S: In the neighborhood.

I'm sorry, I haven't been on the pill since I was 15.
be on the pill ピルを服用している

6. 検査の結果をBがSに電話する
B: Two things.
First I'm sorry about dan, about the "Gossip girl" blast and about not telling you about Nate.

blast 強い一吹き.一陣の風,突風, 爆発

Apology accepted.

7. 続きの会話
I would have had no idea what to wear to a paternity hearing.
Clean slate? Oh, clean slate.

clean slate = 白紙の状態
hearing = 公聴会


8. Bが通ったらCがついてきたので、Bのセリフ
Oh, don't stop on my account.

on my accountはそんな意味もあるみたい

9. で、BとCの会話
B: If you were gonna tell Nate, you would have done so in Monaco, but you don't want him to hate you, and you know he would. Game over.
C: Game's not over until I say it is.
B: Then have fun playing with yourself.


10. Rのギャラリーにきた女性との会話。やっと普通のデートができそう
Here's where we are.
B: Dating 101, lesson 1. In two days, you're gonna call me and thank me for forgiving you of your dating faux pas. You'll ask me out to dinner - someplace elegant but intimate, and we are going to have a fabulous time.
You got all that?
R: Absolutely.
B: Good.

a faux pas 〈フランス語〉不作法、無礼 /fóʊpὰː(/


Hello? I never was good at following rules.


11. で、SがDの部屋にきた
D: Hey. What are you doing here?
S: I need to know why you love me.
D: Because I do.


で、なんでSが好きかDが説明する。いつも I love youを言おうとするとSが邪魔してたことも
Because I actually like it when you interrupt me, which is often, by the way.
I love you because you make no apologies about being exactly who you are- beautiful, smart, sexy as hell-

S: now you're embarrassing me.
D: That's another reason.
You're completely unaware of your affect on me.
You're also completely unaware that you laugh like a 4 year old.

12. フランスへ逃亡しようとするBを引き止めるS
You're a Waldorf, remember? People don't tell you who you are. You tell them. Stay and fight. I'll fight with you.

.... 泣ける。

Stop, guys.
I'm going home.


次は、113 - The Blair Bitch Projectです

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海外ドラマ・映画で英語を磨く -Gossip Girl S1E12 その3

111 - School Lies 残り13:20のところから。


spoiler alert!

1. Sのお母さんのセリフ
Your position at that school is already too precarious.
One false move, and you know what? I can't do anything to help you. 


2. Dのお父さんから電話があったLにSがきく
S: Aren't you gonna answer that?
L: No,I don't think so.

この、 No,I don't think so.ってここで使えないな、って。

3. 校長先生がSにいう。素行の悪いS。あと1つ何かあればすぐに退学になりそうなくらい。
I must say,your file reads more like a rap sheet.
rap sheet 逮捕記録

4. BがVの働くカフェに来た
B: I'll be brief.
V: And I'll be not interested.

I'll be brief.→すぐ済むから(話したい)

Now this transaction is finished, and I'm free to return to disliking you.

5. Sが意外にも退学にならなかったことをいぶかしがるDに、Sがいう
You still believe that there's a double standard, that people like me get special treatment.

6. Sの説得でDのお父さんと駆け落ちをやめることにしたLとRの会話
R: You packed light.
L: Please try to understand.
R: I think I do.
R: I'm just sorry.
L: So am I.


7. BとNの会話
B: A lot of mistakes have been made.
N: If you're ready to forgive me then nothing can tear us apart.


I love you,too.
Always have,always will.

8. Sが自宅にいづらくなってRのとこにきた

R: Aren't you supposed to be at your mom's engagement thing?
S: Yeah,well, I had to get out of there. It was getting a little hard to breathe,you know?
R: Those parties can be that way.

9. 母親の婚約パーティから抜け出してDの部屋をたずねるSにDがいう
You're a little overdressed for the study date I didn't know we had.

10. このストーリーの最後のGGのセリフです
Sometimes you have to venture outside your world in order to find yourself.
As for me, I'm happy right where I am. I only wanna be with you.

次は、112 - The Thin Line Between Chuck and Nate

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海外ドラマ・映画で英語を磨く -Gossip Girl S1E12 その2

111 - School Lies 残り 29:29 のところから

spoiler alert!

1. 学校のプールを勝手に開けた鍵をCが持ってると知ったDについて、GGが言う
There's no reason you can't serve your sentence in style.
serve one's sentence 服罪する
in style 立派に、堂々と

2. CがDに俺とお前は違うってことを言ってる
Regardless of who you're currently sleeping with, you and I come from different worlds. In my world, if I'm suspended or expelled, a wing is donated in the bass name.
その回答にDは、That sounds like quite a world. って返します。

3. 学校に悪事がバレてもお金の力でなんとかなる、とCがDに説明
Well, it's not perfect, I'll admit. But one thing it does offer in spades is security.
in spades 絶対に、確実に

My family can take care of me.
What do the Humphrys have to offer? Used Metro-cards? Your dad's cassingle?
cassingle シングルカセット ←Dのお父さんが昔バンドをやってたことから嫌味。

4. BがNに言う
A hostess can't hide in her room. It's unladylike.

5. Bが学校のプールの鍵を隠したのを見たNが校長に「僕です」と名のり出たら、校長に言われた
You always seem to be toeing the line of mediocrity,


6. いろんな秘密の詰まったビデオを手に入れたいBがVに近づいてきて、Vが言う
I can save you the indignity of groveling by telling you right now--no way are you gonna get that tape.
groveling 這いつくばる

7. 「犯人はあたしなの」と打ち明けるSにDが聞く
D: Why didn't you tell me right away?
S: 'cause I didn't want you to judge me.
D: Aren't we already beyond that?

Gossip Girl を見る醍醐味です!他のドラマには敵わない

And I didn't want you to know because I didn't want you to have to be in the position you're in now of having to choose between protecting me and helping yourself.

8. DがSに言う
You can still tell queller the truth.

One who quells; one who overpowers or subdues.
A killer.
。。。ん?校長先生のこと?。。だね。このあとで、I think she'll respect your honesty.って言ってるし
あ!Queller って名前だ!

9. かばったBにひどい言われ方をしたNが去り際に
Good catching up.


N, BとCの続きが気になるし、

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海外ドラマ・映画で英語を磨く -Gossip Girl S1E11 その2

110 - Roman Holidayの続き、残り 21:07のところから

spoiler alert!

1. Dを好きなVをBが呼び出してお説教!!
I think you like dan a little too much.

a little too much っていいなぁ、、

2. Cのお父さんと付き合ってると言うお母さんにSとEが大反対すると
This is very casual, And regardless, I'm not asking your permission.
... and regardless って普通に使いたい

3. Bのお母さんのセリフ
I haven't skated since ages, But I used to love it when I was a girl.

4. 招かれざる客がきてBのお母さんのセリフ
well, you might as well take that cruise, because you'll be featured in my catalog when hell freezes over.

when Hell freezes over 決してない;絶対に起こりえない

5. お父さんが恋人の男性とフランスに家を買っちゃってショックを受けるB
There's no room in your life for me anymore.

6. クリスマスに雪が見たいDにSが雪の演出でプレゼント→本当に雪が降ってきた
D : The arts and crafts were impressive, but how did you manage the real snow?
S : I'm well-Connected.

well-connected 良いコネのある[の多い・に恵まれた]

7. 明け方までに家に帰らなきゃっていうD
D : This is,without question, the best christmas ever.
S : Ever in the history of christmas.
D : I hate to break the spell, but,uh,we better get home before our families wake up.

break the spell 呪文を解く、興奮を冷ます

111 - School Lies

8. Cに脅迫されてNと仲良くできないB
Enough with the blackmail. Aren't you bored already?

I didn't say forever.
Just until the sight of the two of you together doesn't turn my stomach.

turn one's stomach 動揺させるあるいは嫌気を起こさせる

9. DにSが電話をかける
S : What are you up to besides missing me?
D : Oh, uh, just wondering if you're missing me.

What are you up to = 何してた〜?


10. 夜中に学校のプールで騒いで一人が溺れかけた後
N : Who did break in, anyway?
C : I guess we don't he to worry about nate cracking under pressure.
B : So are we all agreed?
S : Agreed.

crack under pressure 圧力に屈する、プレッシャーに押しつぶされそうになる

11. Bに手紙を書いてるNとCの会話
N : It's ... it's a heartfelt letter to blair.
C : A heartfelt letter? Who spayed you, man? Blair doesn't even want you.
She's been crystal about that since we got back.

spay = 避妊手術を行う

12. LとRの会話。
If you're referring you left me on christmas day, I didn't get it until we were already on the plane. It was very endearing, though.

endearing = かわいらしい、親愛の情を表わす


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