Love Actually - ラブ・アクチュアリーの 気になる英語表現 1

1.  片方の男性の結婚式。もう1人の男性はたぶんこの結婚する男性のことが好き。。なのかな。と思ったけど新婦の方が好きだった、と後半でわかった。
Not like the stag night?
Unlike the stag night.
Do you admit the Brazilian prostitutes were a mistake?
I do.
And it would have been much better if they'd not turned out to be men?
That is true.

stag night
= Man only party.

2.  首相官邸の若い女の子のお手伝いさん
I did have an awful premonition I was gonna fuck up on my first day.
Oh, piss it.

fuck up = A failure, someone who really messes up.

3.  ベテランお手伝いさんが慰めてる
Did you see what I did?
Yes, I did.
Just went blah.

= something that means nothing.

4. 首相が自分の部屋で「あ〜疲れる」的な独り言
Oh, no. That is so inconvenient.

inconvenient = not suited to your comfort, purpose or needs

5. 妻の浮気相手の男性と自宅で遭遇した夫
Oh, I just, uh, popped over to borrow some old CDs.
- The lady of the house let you in, did she?
- Uh, yeah.
- Lovely, obliging girl.
- Yeah.
I just thought I'd pop back before the reception, see if she's better.

= To go over someone's house without them knowing
obliging = showing a cheerful willingness to do favors for others

6. パーティ会場で女性に食べ物を薦める
Taste explosion? Food?
No, thanks.
Yeah, a bit dodgy, isn't it? Looks like a dead baby's finger.

dodgy = British counterpart of the U.S. slang shady, Someone or something strange or weird, often in a bad illigitamate way

7.  ウェイターが食べ物を勧めた女性に自己紹介
I'm Colin, by the way.
I'm Nancy.

Wicked = New England slang that adds emphasis. Synonymous with really, very and hella.
US ---> really,very, extremely
UK ---> cool, good, great, funky

8. モテない男性がアメリカへ行くことにした
So I should just go to America.
I would get a girlfriend there instantly.
What do you think?
I think it's crap, Colin.
No, that's where you're wrong.

= what one says when one is afraid to say shit

9. AV(?)撮影現場での会話
It's Junction 13 that's just murder, isn't it?
Oh, yeah. Total gridlock this morning.

= a blockage of something (from the severe road traffic stalling situation)

10. 妻の葬式で夫が話している
I was confident she expected me to ignore.
But others she was pretty damn clear about.

This D.J., what do you reckon?
The worst in history?
Probably. I think it all hangs on the next song.

reckon = 1. To believe. 2. To contend with, to compete against.
reckon = expect, believe, or suppose

12. ラジオ放送でインタビュー
- Ask me anything you like, I'll tell you the truth.
- Uh, best shag you ever had?
- Britney Spears.
- Wow.
No, only kidding. She was rubbish.

= to have sexual intercourse with. 2. to have sexual intercourse. 3. an act of sexual intercourse.
rubbish = another word for garbage (informal, mainly BrE)

13. インタビュー続き
You know as well as I do the record's crap.
But wouldn't it be great if number one this Christmas wasn't some smug teenager, but an old ex-heroin addict searching for a comeback at any price?

smug = to be very happy with ones self when other are not

14. 首相とその他の人たちが会議中
This is our first really important test.
Let's take a stand.

take a stand 〔〜に対する〕態度を明確にする、立場を公言する

15. 首相の一言@会議
We will, of course, try to be clever, but let's not forget that America is the most powerful country in the world. I'm not gonna act like a petulant child.

= easily irritated or annoyed

16. 若いお手伝いさんと首相の会話
- I was hoping you'd win. Not that I wouldn't have been nice to the other bloke too. Just always given him the boring biscuits with no chocolate.
Thanks very much.
Thanks, Natalie.
Oh God. Come on. Get a grip.
You're the prime minister,
for God's sake.

get a grip 落ち着く、気持ちを入れ替える

17. 撮影現場で首相の噂
I can't understand why he's not married, though.
Well, you know the type.
He's, uh, married to his job. Either that or gay as a picnic basket.

gay as a picnic basket = Euphemism for extremely homosexual (usually in men)

It's lovely to find someone I can actually chat to.
Thank you.
Uh, well, you know.
And ditto.

= The same

I've bought a ticket to the States.

There are a few babes in America, I grant you, but they're already going out with rich, attractive guys.

That is total bollocks.
You've actually gone mad now.
No, I'm wise.
Stateside, I am Prince William without the weird family.
No, Colin, no!

= A highly flexible term commonly used by the English.


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