海外ドラマ・映画で英語を磨く -Gossip Girl S1E4 そのA



1. 前回のところから) Chuckが高級時計を見つけ出し。
C : Found it. Piaget.
N : Can't you just call it a watch? If it costs more than 10 grand, it earns a proper name.
grand = one thousand dollars (more here)

1 million yen と同じかな。

2. Chuckが別の高級品(ベイブルースのホームランボール的なやつ)を引き出しにしまって鍵をかけつつ。
C : Better safe than sorry.
better safe than sorry = 転ばぬ先の杖;備えあれば憂いなし

3. ChuckがNateの友達を悪くいう。
Or he invited himself? That is his style.
Begging us to break free of our prisons while Stuffing his face with free food and draining our booze.
He's a deadbeat and a hypocrite.

break free of = 〜から抜け出す、〜から抜け出る
stuff one's face = 口いっぱい頬張る[詰め込む]
drain - 飲み干す、空ける
booze - 酒、ビール、アルコール飲料
deadbeat - 〔無計画に生きている〕のらくら者、怠け者, 〈米俗〉故意に債務を支払わない人、借金を踏み倒す人
hypocrite - 偽善者

boozeは最近 The Economistで見かけて知ってました。

4. カメラマンがBのことを言っている
Who chose this girl? She's so prim and stiff, like a bookcase. It's not editorial. She needs to let go, have fun, loosen up.
prim - 堅苦しい、上品ぶった
stiff - 堅苦しい
let go - 解放する、自由にする
loosen up - 緩める

5. まだまだ前回分がつづいてます。。ずいぶん少なかったなと思ったら、前回はそれほどちゃんとチェックできてなかったということか。。ってことで、Danが映画館のbox officeの列に並んでたら(Sと待ち合わせ)Sから電話が。
Hey, you almost here?


6. デートに行けないってSがDにいってる
It sounds really superficial, i know.

このあと順番がきたDanにBox Officeの人に How many?って聞かれて

7. パーティ会場の入り口でI'm not coming.っていうNにCが言う
C : Seriously, Carter Baizen sucks.
suck = to be really really crappy (more here)

8. NがCにいう
You really don't get me, do you?



9. やっとここから今日のところ。SがDにデートどたきゃんの埋め合わせの電話をしている。
i know it's a girlie offer, but chew on this- - I'll be there.
chew on = 〜をとくと[じっくり]考える、〜を熟考[沈思]する

10. DがSに答える
Can i bet on that? Because law of averages says i lose my shirt.
law of average = 大数の法則
lose one's shirt = (ギャンブルや投資で)無一物になる

11. SがDを説得する
Besides, she's gonna be so busy with the shoot That you won't even have to see her, And since it's so boring on the sidelines, You'll have my full attention.
on the sidelines = 傍観者で[として].

You'll have my full attention で説得できちゃうのが素敵💕💕かわいい✨

S : Okay, what if i buy you anything you want from craft service?
D : I thought craft service was free.
S : I'll see you in the morning at I'm hanging up before thou dost protest again. でそっこー電話を切る!💕💕💕かわいい!!!

In film, television or video production, craft service refers to the department which provides food service and beverages to the other departments or crafts. (see more

12. カメラマンがBのことをお母さんに相談する。
Man : I don't think this girl is what you're trying to say- Unapproachable, controlled, perfect.
母 : She is not unapproachable. She is poised. She's regal.
Man : But your girl is rigid like a twig.
unapproachable = 近づきにくい、近寄り難い
poised = 落ち着きのある
regal = 堂々とした、威厳がある、豪奢な
rigid = 柔軟性に欠ける、硬直した

13. お母さんがBに謝る
I - i cannot apologize enough.

14. ギャンブルしてるところで
All right, gents, ante up.
ante up = 〔嫌々ながら〕支払う,〔ゲーム・賭けなどの〕参加料を[として]払う

15. Sのセリフ。Dに言ってる。
my best friend doesn't believe me, And neither does the guy i like.

16. DがBのところへやってきて
believe it or not, i actually came here myself.

"believe it or not"←これスムーズに言えたらかっこいいなぁ。

17. Bは嫌いなDに言う
Normally, wouldn't be this close to you Without a tetanus shot.
tetanus shot = 破傷風の予防注射

18. Nの口座の残高がゼロになってて問い合わせしたら。
That account was drained weeks ago.
drain 今日2回目です。

19. DとSのラブラブな💕会話
S : Hey, how about you ask me out again?
D : How about you actually show up? Okay.
S : No drama, no disruptions. I promise.
D : You promise? Oh, no! That means it's never gonna happen now.
S : Aah! Okay, quick. I take it back. I unpromise.

20. GG
No, that's not a tear in my eye. It's just allergies.
Without you, i'm nothing. Gossip girl.


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