海外ドラマ・映画で英語を磨く -Gossip Girl S1E3 そのA


1. ちょっと先にこれは前回の範囲で、Nateのお父さんがセントラルパークでジョギングの後でNateに言う
Nail that interview today.

2. ブレアがわざと転んだのを冷やしながら取り巻きたち
I can't believe Serena did this.
Yeah, such a cheap shot.

cheap shot 《スポーツ》卑劣なプレー 〔人の弱みに付け込んだ〕卑劣な言動

3. ChuckがBlairに電話をかける(Bから電話をしてたみたい)
(それに応えて) Hello to you, too.

4. たくらむ2人
B: Serena came home for a reason.
C: One can only guess.
B: I’m done guessing. I want answers. And no one likes to be on the ground floor of a scandal like Chuck Bass.
C: I am a bitch when I want to be.
B: Opportunity to cause some trouble, uncover a secret.
C: Take "yes" for an answer.

I left something important behind

6. JennyがDanに料理自慢を従っているお父さんについて
J: He's about to hype dinner.

hype [v.] publicize in an exaggerated and often misleading manner

7. 不機嫌に学校から帰宅したDanがお父さんに謝るところ
Sorry about the melodramatic entrance.

8. usher position を取れなかったDanとお父さんの会話
D: I didn't get it.
父: Ant that I do not get.

I'm sorry.
I know how much you and mom sacrificed.
The whole reason you send us to a school like this
is so we can go to a college of our choice.
What if that's all for nothing?

9. 1人にしてっていうセリフ
Dad, can i just, um, stew alone for awhile?

leave somebody to stew
= if you leave someone to stew, you leave them to worry about something bad that has happened or something stupid they have done

10. Jがお父さんに
We're humphreys, dad.
Not exactly royalty uptown.

uptown 住宅地区に[で] =主として都心部から離れた所をいう

11. The Ostroff Centerに入るSを見たCが
This is way too good.
(早速電話して)You're not going to believe Where i found our little princess.

The Ostroff Center is a rehab clinic.

12. 証拠写真を見せるCにBが
If you weren't such a perv, I'm sure the C.I.A. would hire you in a second.

perv 変態(pervert"の短縮形)
= one perceived by the speaker as being sexually obsessed or promiscuous (rarely a true pervert)

B: It's a facility for the disturbed or addicted.
 You must have your own wing.

C: You don't get nearly enough credit for your wit.

wit = The ability to think quickly. Often associated with humor.
get credit for 〜で褒められる

14. Ericが発言してもいいよ、とカウンセラーに言われて
Oh, you mean i have a say in this? Wow.

15. Dがお父さんに
Kind of a staid affair for early '90s postpunk math rock, Don't you think?

staid 落ち着いた,まじめな

16. DがBに言う(パーティで)
I switched.
I'm trying to get into princeton.
Oh, don't your la perlas in a bunch.

La Perla
– Chuck mentions this luxury lingerie brand when he says to Blair, “ Don’t get your La Perla’s in a bunch.”

17. DがSに
since you don't have To actually worry about getting into college, Why not make the entire evening about screwing over blair? No, thanks.

screw over 騙す、嫌な目にあわせる= Deliberately putting someone an unfavorable situation that he/she would not like.




今はGossip Girl見てるし、ストーリーが好きだし。

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