海外ドラマ・映画で英語を磨く -Gossip Girl S1E2 そのA

海外ドラマ・映画で英語を磨く -Gossip Girl S1E2

Making use of the previous experience, 前のブログ記事を読んでから。



1. ホテルクラークのところでDが Over there で待つように言われて
Over there is where I'll be.

2. ホテルロビーでSを待つDを見て、Sのお母さんが
I had a feeling you'd be back.

3. 朝食を持って訪ねてきたSにBが
I must have totally blanked on the part where I invited you over.

4. 本当のことを知ったBがSに
B: At least he felt he owed it to me to tell the truth.
S: I don't know how to say.
B: Don't bother saying anything. I knew you were a whore.
S: How can I fix this?
B: You don't, Serena. You just stay away from me, my boyfriend and my friends. You're done here.

whore = a woman who engages in sexual acts for money : prostitute; also : a promiscuous or immoral woman

You're done here = もう終わりね。

5. (Narrator)
We hear it's best served cold. Who's hungry?

”Revenge is a dish best served cold”なるほど〜〜〜!!!

6. JがBの部屋に来て「ボールペン返そうと思って」って
B: That is the lamest excuse I've ever heard.

a lame excuse = へたな言い訳

7. CのことをJが気にしてたのでBが
Chuck likes to brag about his conquests, not his victims.
brag about 〜を自慢する

8. JがBに
J: Nice flowers.
B: They're hydrangeas.

hydrangea = アジサイ

9. Sのお母さんが、Brooklyn のDのお父さんに会いに来て
L: Just one coffee. I'd like to get out of here before someone throws me down and tatoos me.
R: This is Brooklyn , Lil. Not the warped tour.

( tatooの入ってる箇所を詳しく言おうとしてるお父さんに ) ←元恋人同士!
L: Don't try to be cute, okay? Those days are well behind you.
 I don't know why your wife left you.
R: Well, she's got better taste than you.

throw down = 殴りかかる

ここでは tatoo が動詞で使われてます。

be cute は、前回もLがRのギャラリー訪ねた時にRが昔の2人の思い出話をした時に No need to rehash details of decades past. ...You think you’re so cute. Washed-up band. Crappy so-called art gallery. って表現してました。

10. カフェで(Rは聞かなくてもLの好きなコーヒーを注文!)
R: You don’t actually think that I’m gonna tell my kid he can and cannot date.
 I mean, is that really the reason you came down here?
 That maybe you’re falling for me again.
 Why else have I seen you more in the last two days than in the last fifteen years?
L: An unfortunate twist of fate.

An unfortunate twist of fate = 不幸な運命のいたずら

R: Are you seeing someone?
L: No, not really.
R: Not serious... or he's married. That is your type.
L: That's enough, Rufus.
R: Whoever he is, I'm sure he can't keep up with you.
L: I'm gonna take that as a compliment.

こんなときも can't keep up with って使うのね。

11. ホテル前でSを待つNとD。Nは「近所だから。君は?」
D: I'm working on a better excuse.

12. Cがホテル前へ登場!
D: Don't you think we're taking this class warfare thing a little too far?

C: Don't tell me you're sticking up for Serena's new bitch.
 This isn't over.
D: Hey, anytime, man. That black eye looks a little lonely.

N: Come one, chill out.

chill out = Shut up, relax, calm down
eg.) Let’s go to the chillout room.
 I like this music. It’s really chilled.

13. Jが青ドレスに着替えたBを見て
J: You look beautiful.
B: It's average. The color is last season.

14. JにBが青ドレスを「欲しいならあげるわよ」って
B: I'm sure you'll find some way to repay me.

15. ホテル前で待ってたDがSに
D: I was in the neighborhood... give or take 70 blocks.

give or take = だいたい

D: I just wanted to tell you in person, that the end of last night may have not been my finest hour. There was a wave.


16. 最悪な朝だったのっていうSにDが
D: You wanna talk? and eat. Not necessarily in that order.

17. 青ドレスを持って帰ってきたJはお父さんに「どうしたの?それ」って聞かれて
It was a thank-you gift from Blair.

18. Brunchに来てしまったDとSの会話。Cのお父さんについて
I can't say much for his child-rearing skills. Bart Bass knows brunch.

19. NがSに目で合図するので、SがDに
I want to use the ladies room. You think you'll be okay by yourself for a while?



Anyway, I should review the previous expressions once in a while.

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